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I’m a dancer, mover, artist, teacher and Dance Movement Psychotherapist. My work enquires into the moving body and what arises through it’s physicality as it encounters life - another human body, the beat of a drum, a rocky wild landscape. I’m fascinated by the language of the body, the subtle and loud movements, feelings, shapes & stories which speak through us - our unique soulful choreography.

I trained in Open Floor Movement Practice and have been facilitating Open Floor classes in London, collaborating with Killian Strong on a class call ReSource for the last three years. I have also studied with Helen Poynor where I have become particularly interested in moving in natural and wild landscapes - caves, woodlands, moorlands, shorelines. My other training includes somatic movement at Independent dance and Amerta Movement with Prapto. I’m just finishing an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy where I have been working in acute mental health care within the NHS.

I studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London where I specialised in physical theatre and live art. Since then I have worked creating site responsive art and performance in different places; shopping centres, rivers, beaches, an abandoned hotel, a nunnery.  My work is driven by a curiosity about the presence of a site.  I’m currently in the process of creating a ritual autobiographical performance - Underworld.