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I am fascinated by our ordinary extraordinary humanness. Movement and dance has always offered me a gateway to be curious about, more intimate with and open up creative possibilities of how to move in and through, familiar and unknown landscapes of life.  I am always interested in how we encounter ourselves, another, the environment, spirit – and what arises through the physicality of the moving body in relationship - the subtle and loud - movements, feelings, shapes, stories.

I studied Theatre intensively for 7 years at the BRIT School and then at Goldsmiths College, University of London (BA Theatre). I worked for several years creating site responsive performance in different places; shopping centres, rivers, beaches, an abandoned hotel, a nunnery. Alongside this I also undertook a PGCE (Early Years) and taught Nursery and Reception year children in Primary school for 8 years and ran outdoor learning programmes to support children’s social and emotional development. I am currently studying a MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, working in acute mental health and dementia care. 

I started dancing 15 years ago, and trained in Open Floor Movement Practice, having studied intensively with the founding teachers.  I have also worked with Helen Poynor, Suprapto Suyodarmo, Shamanic teachers and a range of different movement teachers.