Libido Fundamentals II - Relation Ship
An Open Floor Ongoing Group with Cathy Ryan

Supported by Becca Parkinson and Killian Strong

Module 1- Intimacy - March 29-31, 2019
Module 2 - Libdid Fundamentals - May 24-26, 2019
Module 3 - Presence - June 28-30, 2019

This tryptch of three connected workshops will expand and deepen the exploration of the content of Libido Fundamentals in a wider context and ongoing study of relationship. We will take a different focus in each module on our innate capacity for relationship with each other, in its mystery, difficulty and magic. 

We will journey into our capacity to embody and feel a sense of intimacy, our capacity to inhabit the innocence and power of our Libidic energy – looking at our life force, gender, sex and sexual energy – and our capacity for moments of true presence and being. 

The first weekend will focus on Intimacy – what is it? What is the emotional intelligence available to us here? What are the ways we can embody an alive, vulnerable, open and powerful sense of ourselves in relation to others? We will open up the window of how our gender and our biological identity contribute to our sense of ourselves in relationship – with self and others… 

The second weekend will focus on Libido Fundamentals II, an expansion and deepening of some of the ground covered in Libido Fundamentals: The movement of our sexual response cycle and creative life force. How do we ground and embody this primal energy that is every person’s birth right? How do we embody our extraordinary minds full of stories, longing, dreams and memories around our Libido? 

The third weekend will see us entering further the exploration of being present in relationship – to ourselves, each other and the wider field of our communities and our sense of Spirit. 

As we set sail together we will use the map of the Open Floor Movement Practice, opening up the 4 dimensions of embodiment on our journey – Physical, Emotional, Mind and Soul. An exploration of the 4 relational Hungers of Solitude, Connection, Belonging and Spirit will thread their way through each weekend and we will work with the Window of Presence throughout, mapping and gauging when it can become difficult to stay present with ourselves. 

This work offers deep exploration of parts of who we are as humans, opening up possibilities for change, acceptance and moments of deep joy and gratitude for being alive. Prepare for all kinds of weather on our ship! Chances are you’ll be in excellent company with a fine map to help steer us through what may come our way… 

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